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Genealogies, photographs, maps, newspaper articles, civil War history, marriage and census data, and original letters and journals are among the many reference materials that the Society has available to  the public.A highlight of the Society's collection is a dress worn by Eleanor Roosevelt. The dress is currently on display at the Historic 1908 Courthouse in Independence, Virginia. The dress is displayed in a cabinet constructed to museum-quality standards by Roger P. Marshall, Sr..

The Society also publishes a quarterly newsletter that provides its members articles on local historical events and family history, as well as providing updates on the Society's current activities.
Founded in 1973, the mission of the Society is to collect, preserve, and make available to researchers and interested parties the history of the county and the region. Just as important are ongoing efforts to educate and garner a new interest in the history of the area among both young and old.

The Historical Society was instrumental in efforts at preserving the 1908 Courthouse in Independence, Virginia, as well as preserving 14 early county record books, and maintaining a growing collection of documentary and photographic archives.

 Additionally, the Society reprinted an 1897 map of Grayson County which offers great insights for research, published Grayson County: A History in Words and Pictures and maintains records and books for the county, region, and the state.

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