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Genealogies, photographs, maps, newspaper articles, civil War history, marriage and census data, and original letters and journals are among the many reference materials that the Society has available to  the public.A highlight of the Society's collection is a dress worn by Eleanor Roosevelt. The dress is currently on display at the Historic 1908 Courthouse in Independence, Virginia. The dress is displayed in a cabinet constructed to museum-quality standards by Roger P. Marshall, Sr..

The Society also publishes a quarterly newsletter that provides its members articles on local historical events and family history, as well as providing updates on the Society's current activities.
The Grayson County Historical Society was founded in 1973. Since that time its activities have included obtaining a grant for a feasibility study on the condition of the 1908 Courthouse which was done by an internationally known architectural historian, as well as leading preservation efforts of the building; stabilizing and restoring fourteen early county record books; maintaining an archive of donated and purchased materials for research; reprinting the 1897 map of Grayson; and publishing Grayson County: A History in Words and Pictures (book), Grayson County Line (record), Glimpses of Grayson (calendars), and Glimpses of Grayson (newsletters).
The Grayson County Historical Society is committed to preserving the history of Grayson County and assisting all who are  searching for their Grayson county "roots." The Society has a vast amount of historical information about Grayson County, the state of Virginia,  and surrounding areas.